10 Essentials for a perfect College/ University wardrobe

Hi wonderful people, welcome back or welcome to my blog! I know for some of you back to school is just around the corner. And for me, I have three more weeks, which means the packing starts now! I have to travel literally across the country for university so packing is really a huge struggle. …

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Out and About in Vancouver + casual outfit idea

I explored my beautiful city once again with my friends since I only have one more month until I leave. This day we went to North Vancouver, road the Sea bus, ate gelato's and admired the city's skyline. I also shared an outfit of the day ! Hope you enjoy reading!!

My Fashion Icons

I have been contemplating whether to make this post or not because I know my blog so far has been travel dominated and it is pretty much what inspired me to make a blog one month ago. However, when I started making this blog ( 2 in the morning) I knew that I didn't want …

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Summer Favourites

Hi beautiful people, welcome to this week's first blog post! Today's post is more fashion, beauty and lifestyle related because I want to branch out on my content. I've been reading a lot of summer favourite's posts lately and wanted to make one myself. Disclaimer: I am not bragging in any shape of form about …

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