Oh hey there! Welcome to my blog and first of all thank you for visiting!❤ I have so much to share with you but first let me introduce you to myself. My name is Emily ( Kailin is my birth name), a simple girl from Canada’s West coast — Vancouver. I was born in China but lived in Vancouver for the majority of my life. I am a travel addict if I say so myself; I love flying on airplanes, going on spontaneous adventures and challenging my limits. Although traveling is my favourite hobby I am also just an ordinary girl who goes to university. I study architecture in, you guessed it, the east side of Canada — Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. I write posts about things that I like and am interested; for example, traveling of course, also fashion and maybe even art. I want to use this platform to just express myself and hopefully give people, you who is reading some inspiration. Okayyy, I won’t bore you too long, but if you like what you see, it would mean the world to me for you to subscribe!!❤


Emily Kailin B