Glamorous​ Hotel’s in Macau

You probably have heard of HongKong before, a special administrated region of China; but you probably don't know it's brother Macau, a city once occupied by Portuguese much like how England got hold of HongKong. I have been to this city uncountable times but when I tell people about it many are lost. And then, of course, I say it is next to Hongkong and will receive a couple of nods because they know Hong Kong. Culturally there are many similarities between the two regions, but socially they are different. Macau is rich because of the booming gambling industry over the past 20 years or so, it's earned the reputation of Las Vegas of the East, instead of a strip, the entire city is covered with fancy hotels and casinos.

Last December I visited China for my Christmas holiday instead of going home to Vancouver. The city I am from is very close to Macau so we decided to book a couple nights there before visiting family in the mainland. The hotel we chose to stay at is called the Wynn Palace, Cotai; it is fairly new and very beautiful. The whole entire place gave me Renaissance inspired vibes; don't believe me? see it for yourself!

IMG_0134.JPGIMG_0136.JPGIMG_0141.JPGIMG_0147.JPGpictures of the north wing main entrance 


Have you ever seen a gondola outside of a hotel? Since we were guest's of the hotel we didn't have to pay to go on a ride; actually we can go on as many times as we want!

IMG_0167.JPGthis is the elevator that took us back to ground floor after the ride 

IMG_0171.JPGIMG_0179.JPGThe very delicious looking desert's we saw in the hotel. 

I also took some pictures from other hotel's like the Venition, Ritz Carlton and Perisian hotel. Maybe if you decide to visit Macau some day you can look at these pictuers and decide which one to stay at, LOL!

Ritz Carlton:


Venetian: This hotel has a mock Venetian Canal inside. There is also a massive shopping area along the canal's which is where I spent most of my time, LOL!


Perisian Hotel: It almost felt like I was entering a Palace because everywhere was delicate and very elberate looking.


I had all these pictuers sitting in my memory card and never got to post most of them sos I decided to do this post. Let me know if you know about Macau or have been there before.

I hope you have a wonderful day whever you are in the world!



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