Out and About in Vancouver + casual outfit idea

I can not believe it is already August, this summer has gone by SO SO SO FAST and I am not at all ready for back to school! Those words just give me anxiety because I know how many all nighters I am going to pull in the studio and I can’t even give a number as to how many coffee I will need, and yes, red-bull will once again be my partner in crime! I am so scared yet excited for the new semester😥, as of now I am just trying to enjoy my last month in this beautiful city I call HOME!❤

Like I said I still have a moth (and one day) left in Vancouver and then it’s time for me to face the cold winter in Ottawa. Maybe not right away but I know It will be sometime in October where I see the first snowfall, you bet I am going to tell you all about it!


It was my first time on a sea bus in Vancouver. I have been on sea busses in HongKong, the ones here are a bat nicer I would say.

From water front station in Central Vancouver, to the North Vancouver shore is just 5 minutes. The sea bus oddly reminded me of the space ships you see in children cartoons, haha my brother also agreed 😂.

On the sea bus you are able to capture Vancouver’s skyline! I never saw the city from this angle before and it just made me that much more in love with Vancouver.

Right as we get to the shore, on our left is Lonsdale Quay Market located at the water front. You might be familiar with the Market at Granville Island, this one is just like that, but smaller. After all it is a great market with fewer tourists, lots of options, quieter and more relaxed environment!

Talk about the food, I knew I was going to find some very good food here so I was extremely excited about eating!! If you know me, I am all about healthy dieting, but not on this occasion. I made the wise choice to throw that philosophy in the back of my head!

The real business, AKA food … Spinach and Mushroom Quiche was mine. Don’t let it’s appearance fool you, it was absolutely delicious!! My friend got some type of meat pie which come with a very good sauce on the side😂 and my other friend went for sushi which looks amazing! You know a meal is good when by the end of it you get too comfortable on your chair, that is exactly what happened to us!😜

With our full bellies we wondered around the market and found some really relatable cards at a gift shop. The whole store was full of hand made locally designed things, I might come back some day for gift shopping!!

This is what I would send you if you want to know about Vancouver: 😂

This is what I would send a good friend when they won’t stop complaining: I am just so nice right?!😂

(I am just kidding, haha)

We went to the waterfront and took some pictures, sat by the sea and ate gelato’s! Talk about a great summer treat!

Outfit of the day:

I went for a casual look but fancied it up with my shoe choice.

You can easily make this outfit more casual by wearing sneakers or plain flats. Since my outfit was on the basic side I wanted to add some interesting elements with my ballerina flats and cool shades.


Top: Brandy Melville >> Jessie Top

Bottom: American Eagle >> AEO Denim x Jegging (Finding a perfect pair of jeans is like a night mare, they are always too long for me and I have to either tailor them or roll them up. These ones come in a petite size and they are also super stretchy and comfortable. I rolled them up just because of the shoes I’m wearing!)

Shoes: Call it Spring >> Thorsell Ballet Flats ( I saw these on their website and got them imminently because I thought they were cute, they are this pale dusty pink colour great for summer and spring! The comfort level of these flats are a 4 out of 5)


Watch: DKNY >> Stanhope Leather watch
(I can no longer find it on the DKNY website with my exact colour so I linked another one, but the DKNY site does have mine in black leather)

Bag: Coach >> Pop up messenger black leather bag ( Every girl should have an accessible little black purse in their wardrobe because it can go with everything and almost every look! I love this small shoulder bag because it small and has a pouch at the front for your money and cards! Sometimes I just take the pitch in the front and use it as my wallet. I am very into simple and classic items and I think this one is one of them!)

Sunnies: Quay >> All my love gold and blue

I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are in the world!

It would mean the world to me if you would leave a comment telling me what you think!❤

Happy August!!!!








9 thoughts on “Out and About in Vancouver + casual outfit idea

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    1. simplykailin

      Thank you for your wishes and also the lovely comment! Actually I have heard that London weather is similar to Vancouver, it rains quite often here haha!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well good luck with the move across the country! The sea bus is a funny name. It reminds me of the Venetian counterpart, il vaporetto. Vancouver seems like a lovely place. We were just in Seattle last month but we forgot our passport :-/.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. simplykailin

      You have to come some day, it’s a beautiful city! We always drive down to Seattle during the summer, it’s only 3 hrs away!


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