Travel Blog Challenge Week 6 — unusual activities

Hey guys, welcome back to the travel Blog series! This week's topic was the hardest for me to write because I had a hard time recalling … Instead of digging deep into my already short memories, I decided to scroll through some of my old pictures and I found some very embarrassing ones. 😂 I don't think I will share them with you today, but I did recall some pretty historical moments from my travels.

Going to Inner Mongolia and … experiencing the traditional way of eating lamb:

Okay, this story might be disturbing to some of you and it surly is for me as I cut meat out of my diet almost a year ago, however, this is the Mongolian culture and I respect that, it is just not for me.

So, I was in grade 4 when I visited Inner Mongolia with my relatives. It wasn't a very relaxing trip because I only remember the freezing cold( we went during Winter), the dirty bathrooms and the time a dead goat stare at me. Yeah…. not a good image to picture but it was true. Mongolians love their lamb meet because it keeps them warm and gives them energy. I went without my parents but with my aunt, my cousin and her side of the family. My cousin's grandmother decided to order the traditional lamb meat for all of us to try. Well, all we thought was that we would have lamb served on the table; little did we know that what we signed up was much more than that. Before the lamb could he served to us on a plate it was brought in as a whole. We thought to ourselves "well this is interesting" as we saw the goat, open eyed on a plate. Someone in our group made a joke about how the goat seemed like it was to get married because of the flower crown worn on its head and read fabric draped around it. Then there was people bringing alcohol, white scarves and I don't remember what entering our tent ( where we ate) singing and dancing. The adults were encourage to drink the white wine from the same bowl around a circle which was their tradition and after all that they took the goat away and brought 5 plates of lamb on the table. It was like a little spiritual ceremony they put up for the animal. It was awkward because of the unexpectedness. More importantly, I felt the animal staring at me with its head held high during the event.😶 Non of us knew the portion would be so big and even thought I didn't have any, I couldn't bare the smell of it the entire meal. What was suppose to be an exciting meal because we sat in a traditional tent turned out to be one of the unforgettable but not so comfortable meals we, I especially, have ever had.

To lighten up the spirit of this post I've decided to share this one photo of me as a kid! ( yes, I am glad mushroom head is not a style anymore, haha!)

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Emily Kailin B


8 thoughts on “Travel Blog Challenge Week 6 — unusual activities

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  2. Noted- anything with “traditional” in the menu, prepare for a ride in the taste buds. Why did your fam visit Mongolia of all countries? I’m guessing you didn’t like it so much? Looooks like fun! hehehehehe

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    1. simplykailin

      I really don’t know why and because I was so young I kinda was dragged for the ride.😂 It was not Mongolia but Inner Mongolia so it’s still apart of Chin; but a very rural part …

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  3. In the Philippines, we have roasted pig we call lechon. During major holidays, my mom likes to place an order of lechon and invite our neighbors over. We live in a white majority neighborhood — they get a kick when they see the face!

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    1. Asian countries and their weird food interests. If I remember correctly, Balut (fertilized egg) is also a delicacy. Being vegetarian, I’ve never had the pressure to try any of these. haha

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      1. simplykailin

        Oh yes the fertilized egg, we call it age old egg ( I don’t know if it’s the same thing), my grandparents love that stuff; there is nothing a person can say that will let me eat it haha.

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