My Fashion Icons

I have been contemplating whether to make this post or not because I know my blog so far has been travel dominated and it is pretty much what inspired me to make a blog one month ago. However, when I started making this blog ( 2 in the morning) I knew that I didn’t want to limit myself in one category. Fashion is something that I am passionate about equivalent to traveling. I know there are so many great fashion bloggers out there that my fashion sense might be modest, yet I decided to give it a try since I have been wanting to do one of these in a long time. If you do enjoy reading this kind of post from me it would mean a lot if you leave a comment giving me suggestions!

Fashion /Style, it is something very important in my life that shapes my identity, my mood and as far as to emotions. Well, I am not a bold girl or very adventurist when it comes to style but I like to once a while spike things up whenever I feel like it. What you wear a lot of times conveys what you feel even if you don’t purposely do it; it speaks as a personality. I love simple cloths, classic pieces and comfort! Whatever I would be wearing, it has to be comfortable for me to feel confident. I often find my confidence in fashion weather I really like what I picked out for the day or someone complimented me in the streets, it’s a guilty self satisfaction, haha!

(All images from Pinterest)

Miranda Kerr: her timeless, simple, elegant and classic styles is what draws me the most. She always keeps her colour pallet very minimal and it give people a very inviting, caring impression to her. As I am getting older ( not that I’m very old but reaching to adult hood😂) I find myself more drawn to classic, simple pieces like trench coats, white T’s and black comfy heels.

Zendaya: She as a person is an inspiration and her style is no short. Her fashion sense is more true to my age 😂, I guess. She wears a lot of pieces that I have in my wardrobe and always looks comfortable. Her outfits can be so simple but she manages to bring out the little rebellious and edgy side of her personality.

Shay Mitchell: When I started exploring with my style, this girl had been my style Icon. I guess by now you may pretty much know what my style is, haha. Basic, classic, a little sporty but SIMPLE. Yeah, that’s about right so I guess I should stop typing now… From a Yonge girl to now a soon to be adult, I have always like the classic chic street style look. I am still developing my style as of now but as the older I get the more I am keen towards minimalistic fashion.

I truly hope you liked this post, I hope it gives you a general invite to who I am!

– don’t let your style define you, let you define your style –


Emily kailin B


4 thoughts on “My Fashion Icons

  1. There is definitely nothing wrong about having different interests to share on your blog. I use to have a food blog but I realized how pigeon-holed I made my blog to be. I love food but truth is I don’t eat out that much and I don’t cook elaborate meals every night. I decided to start all over again and identified all things I enjoyed sharing. Because I am married, I didn’t want my blog to be all about married life. Because I am a homeowner, does not mean I am going to only write about home projects. Because I like to travel, does not mean it’s all I do. I decided I’ll stick with what I do best — myself. The great thing about the internet is everyone has a voice and we’ve got platforms to do it.

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    1. simplykailin

      OMG! Your comment absolutely made my day and your right, it’s my blog so I should and can do whatever I want with my platform! Thanks!!❤


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