Travel Blog Challenge Week 5 — cultural foods 

Hey guys, I’m glad you tuned in to this weeks Travel Blog Challenge because I’m talking about food, which is my favourite thing of all!! Although I am not one that travels just for food, I do enjoy tasting cultural foods and unique cuisines. If you are adventuerst with food like me than look no further as I introduce you to three places that will satisfy your tastebuds!

1. HongKong (china)

 (Images all from pintrest) 

China is famous for having many different type of cultural cusines from spicy to savoury and sweet each city in China has a unique taste. HongKong however is a combination of all that. Famous for it’s street foods and nigh markets much like Taiwan HongKong has many to offer when it comes to food. My favourite will be the curry fish balls, omlet(egg) waffles and bubble tea! It is a must have whenever I visit!  

2. Malaysia 

Sea food Curry Laksa from Malaysia is happiness in a bowl. If you are also into spicy food like me than you would love this bowl of spicy noodle soup. I was in Malasiya for three days and everyday we had Laksa, we just couldn’t get over it! And the best part is, no matter which place we go into, the Laksa are equally as good. 

3. Montreal (Canada) 

Canada as a country is made up of imagrants and diverse cultures so you don’t have to worry not finding a taste for you. Montreal is a beautiful French inspired city which naturally has a lot of great French café’s all around and the best Canadian outing you can find in Canada! If you decided to try something new? Well this is the city also for you! Chisnes, Japanese, Thai, Indian… you name it. 

I also made a pintrest board about café’s and resturants in Montreal, you can check it out for your convenience! 

Last week I wrote about the time I went to Toronto when there was a rainstorm + a day of misadventures: Travel blog Week 4

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Emily Kailin B

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