Travel Blog Challenge Week 4 — misadventures ( in Toronto)

Out of all the misadventures I have experienced , climbing up 19 floors with a suitcase and a backpack is the best one yet😂.

Little did we know last year going to Toronto that the day we went was the day the city had a huge rainstorm… The day we left, it was a sunny day in Vancouver; and I remember our pilot telling us before takeoff that Toronto was looking pretty sunny too. When we arrived, the reality was the exact opposite, we got stuck in the air for nearly 30 minutes until we touched down.

We still haven’t learned that Toronto had a terrible rainstorm but when we stepped outside, we were welcomed by an intense amount of humidity. We did not think we could get this kind of wether outside Hong- Kong but we were wrong.

IMG_7556.jpg(This picture was taken when we first set foot in Toronto outside the Union Station)

As we were carrying our luggage and walking to our first air bnb we saw some parts of the city flooded. Google maps obviously told us to walk in a flooded tunnel and so we had to find other “sober” streets to walk on. You should see our faces as we saw the flooded roads, It has been a long time since we have seen such a scene haha. The city felt like it was in zombie mode, the sky was dull, the clouds were looming above our heads and birds everywhere were flying super low giving me constant heart attacks. I swear My heart dropped a little every time a bird was less than two meters away. We thought we were not going to make it to our apartment and we we going to find a hotel or possibly sleep on the streets. That is the second panic we had.

Eventually we got to our building and as we walk into the lobby we saw a mini waterfall comming out of the ceiling. Once again we were static by the scene. It tooked us around half an hour to get there and we were once again stood up by an obstacle. “How worse can this get?” I asked myself. At first when we arrived we were told to come back after an hour. We did but we found out that the elevator was still down.  Fortunately, only the first two floors were flooded. Unfortunately, our air BnB was just 19 floors high.

Please also go and read the post’s from these three girls : Winta, Vikki and Julie as they are also participating in the challenge.

I hope you got a good laugh out of my story, every one I have told this story to has laughed, haha, I don’t blame them!


Emily Kailin B.


6 thoughts on “Travel Blog Challenge Week 4 — misadventures ( in Toronto)

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  2. Oh no! The fact that there was water leaking from the lobby ceiling and the elevator not working sounds like a real horror movie! I can’t imagine being the people stuck inside the elevator. I had an awful incident in college when I got stuck in an elevator full of people for a couple hours. It did not help that it was a hot, humid day.

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    1. simplykailin

      Omg I can’t even imagine! Staying at the air bnb that night was pretty scary itself because we were worried about the condition of the building. And the fact that other buildings around the area were fine didn’t help.y biggest fear is getting stuck in an elevator honestly, and I hope if I do I am not alone because that would be much worser. By the way, thank you for always commenting, it means a lot! ❤

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