Travel blog challenge week 3: Funny travel story

Hi there, welcome back or welcome to my travel blog challenge posts!

Today’s post I had to really think about it because there seems to be so many but I don’t know which one is truly funny, haha. 

I am sure you get asked by people where you are from when your traveling and that has always happened to me. But, sometimes people just assume I am from a certain country and it can be the funniest things ever! There are many times that I get mistaken for being a different race, I never get offended, but I do wonder how I fit into that origin😂😂😂

The time when a Beijing officer asked me where I am from:                                     

When I was in grade seven I went on a field trip to Beijing lead by my school We were brought to the Great Hall of the People on our first day and while we were lining up for security check an officer asked me if I was from Xinjiang. I didn’t know where that was at the time and I said no. My classmates all looked at me like they have never seen me before, even my friends were shocked by the question, LOL. My teacher even laughed and said, “She can’t be if she doesn’t even know where it is.” Other officers also laughed and for the rest of the day, I kept being asked that question.

The time I was in the grocery store and the lady got asked me if I was Brazilian: 

Okay, this one just happened recently and it caught me by surprise for sure. I never thought anyone would mistake me as South American, but, I guess the lady in the grocery store proved me wrong, haha! When I was checking out with my mom, the cashier greeted me with a warm smile and went on asking if I was Chinese. I answered yes, and asked why. You wouldn’t of beloved how shocking her face was when I said yes. Oh my god it was so funny because she not only stop but even put her hand on her mouth, hahaha. My mom and I laughed too and we were also very confused😂. She continued to say “If you didn’t say so, I thought you were South American, from Brazil or something.” That was a first, Brazilian?? Oh man, I wish, hahaha.

That is all I have for this post. Please also go to check out Winta, Viki and Julie’s posts!


Emily kailin B


2 thoughts on “Travel blog challenge week 3: Funny travel story

  1. I know the feeling! I get mistaken for being from the country I’m currently visiting (especially while I was backpacking Southeast Asia). I was asked if I was from Mexico before! I mean, wow. Great post, catch ya next time!!! ❤

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