Travel Diary: Jasper National Park

Today is the fourth day of my seven-day road trip and I was going to wait till my trip ends to write a long post but I have too much to write about. Instead, I want to do a post on each day of my adventures so I can kind of share them with you guys like a diary and hopefully inspire you to go on a road trip as well!

our first night was spent in a small town 2 hours away from Jasper called Blue river. On Canada day, which was the next morning, we got to Jasper National Park.

The drive to Jasper was quite relaxing, we were cruising through mountains, rivers, and lakes. I also took over the steering wheel for a while to experience the majestic manners of nature. I have never driven on a high way before and it was scary at first. However, the road is surprisingly easier to drive than roads in the city. And the view along was spectacular!

Town of Jasper: 

The town of Jasper is inside Jasper provincial park and is a really pretty, intimate town. We decided to stay in this town because it’s inside the park and not too far of a drive to our other destinations. The train to Jasper also stops in this town making it a very tourist packed place, however, the town is well maintained and very clean.

Fireworks for Canada day in Jasper.

Sunwapta Falls: 

A beautiful waterfall 50 minutes away from Jasper town. We arrived at around 11:45 and there wasn’t a lot of people in the falls. There is no hike needed to get to the falls great if you have grandparents like I do.

Athabasca Falls: 

This fall is 25 minutes away from Jasper town and 30 minutes away from Sunwapta Falls. We went to the furthest one (Sunwapta falls) and made our way back to Athabasca falls. The falls in not the largest or tallest falls in the Rockies but the most powerful one. This waterfall has a scenic hike so you can take pictures from more than one angle and also see the Athabasca river. Nature is powerful until you see it for yourself pictures won’t to justice.

Patricia Lake:  

Only 10 minutes drive from Jasper town we found a stunning lake. A lot of people choose to go to Magiline Lake but we didn’t want to make another hour drive up northeast of Jasper so we visited this one instead. It is not as well known perhaps, however, it is a great spot for relaxation.


Emily Kailin B


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