Travel blog challenge Week 1

Hey guys, so I have decided to join the 21 weeks Travel Blogging Challenge hosted by Winta from Wondering Outside the Box. The challenge has already started 2 weeks ago but she was so kind to let me be apart of it anyhow! Every week there will be a new subject where I share an aspect from my travel experiences. By the end of this challenge, I hope to establish some connections with you guys, my readers, and my fellow bloggers. With that being said… HERE WE GO!!!

Week 1: Favorite Travel Photo and intro

I really struggled to pick one photo because I have so many favorites. But, I figured I would be able to share more as the weeks progress… so, this is the one I decided to post for now — Me, my brother, my cousin and my aunt cuddling a bear at Toronto CN tower. (the little boy at the left is my silly little brother)


The reason I chose this picture first is that it was the first one to come to my mind. It is a rare moment for us to in the same picture since my cousin and my aunt lives in China. The picture was taken last year in August, as I can recall, It was a fulfilling day!

Since I just started this whole blogging thing many of you don’t know much about me, so, let me introduce myself here. My name is Emily and I’m almost 19. I was born on Chinese soil but brought up in Wild West Canada, Vancouver. I consider myself as a bridge between two cultures rather than belonging to one nation. (But yes, I am Canadian) Before grade four, I was quite opposed to my Chinese roots since I wanted to blend in with all the other “normal” kids in my school… After my family relocated to my birth place I started to warm up to accepting who I am and learned to embrace the uniqueness of my character. I studied in China for six years and returned to Canada after grade 10. Now I study Architecture at Carleton University in Ottawa. Traveling has always been a part of since I was born. Ever since I was a child my favorite thing to do was going on airplanes and my favorite place was the airport. I think traveling not only is fun but it enriches your soul. My goal someday is to take a year off and travel around the globe!

Countries I have traveled to in the world:

  • Two obvious ones are China and Canada.
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Thailand (but I don’t remember it)
  • Japan
  • Hong-Kong (China)
  • Macau (China)
  • United States

Places/ Countries on the top of my bucket list:

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Taiwan (China)
  • Florence, Venice, Rome & Milan, Italy
  • London, England
  • Santorini, Greece

That is all I have for you today, thanks for comming by and I hope you come back soon to learn more about me!


Emily Kailin B.

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14 thoughts on “Travel blog challenge Week 1

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  7. Awesome post! I’m quite similar to you in the sense that I have background of several cultures. Southeast Asia will always be some of my favorite countries to travel, though I might be biased as I am from there. Love Canada!!! ❤ Looking forward to your next posts. Cheers!

    Liked by 2 people

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